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I’m just the tiniest bit obsessed with these guys at the moment. Been playing them on repeat while I work. They’re like a combination of reggae, dancehall, disco, dub step and African jungle beats. And there’s a lot of xylophones going on. Needless to say some of my favourite things….


Adventures with Tintin

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Here are some photos taken by my friend Tintin Hedburg (you can have a sneaky look at some of the other amazing shot’s she has taken here on her website).

The model is the gorgeous Rebecca Harding (Babetown)

And the Makeup is done by Erin O’Brien (Also a citizen of Babetown)

Being shamelessly self promoting(just a little) most of the garments featured in this shoot are by me.


Amber Ambrose

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I’ve always known my friend and collaborator Amber Ambrose was a little bit clever. Now she’s proven me right with her graduate jewellery collection “I LIKE VOODOO LIKE YOU DO”

I love being proven right….






To check out her blog, and see more of her stuff click here.

Alistair Mackie – Copse

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AVA (All Visual Arts) is pleased to announce Alastair Mackie’s new and largest installation to date, Created in response to the AVA’s converted gallery space twenty seven pine trees stand incongruously in mid-transformation creating a pseudo-forest within the stark white space of the gallery.

Each tree is caught in a transitory state of metamorphosis, half carved between what it was and what it will become, the stripped tree tops balancing upon identikit table legs. The juxtaposition of the raw natural elements of the tree with the carefully carved table legs demonstrates Mackie’s continuing interest in the interconnectivity of the traditionally opposed ideas of ‘wild’ and ‘civilised.’ Thetrees act as a metaphor of mankind’s evolution from atavistic primates to our contemporary consumer driven society. As Coline Milliard notes in the catalogues opening essay, the placement of the trees within the gallery further mimics society’s own incorporation of the tamed wild into the city space. It is through this reconciliation of both formal and conceptual elements that Mackie successfully forces the spectator to question their own understanding of what it means to be civilised.

Ryan McGinley still rocks my world Part 2

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Juliana Forge by Ned Rogers + Clare Byrne for Helmet

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It’s about time I put these shots up. They were in the second issue of Helmet magazine released earlier this year, but I was slack and I don’t like using scanners…


Vintage Lace Shirt GRANDMA TAKES A TRIP, Armoured Pants JASON HEWITT


Ryan McGinely still rocks my world

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He really does. And I’m feeling a really tropical vibe at the moment. Like someone crossed Tiki with 90’s minimalism…

Or CocoJambo by Mr President with Intro by M83.

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