Henrique Oliveira

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

I came across this artist a couple of weeks ago while I was bored and cruising through youtube. His work is both two and three dimensional, using found strips of recycled wood. The story goes that he saw a wooden fence outside his studio one day and found the strips of wood and paint peeling away to resemble brushstrokes. He peels the slivers of wood off the fences around Sao Paulo as they weather and decay, collecting all different colours shoes and sizes.

The plywood fencing is common in the city of Sao Paulo. Construction companies use the plywood because it is inexpensive, and they replace it every few months when it has become sufficiently broken down. Rather than letting the damaged fences go to waste, Oliveira peels off layers of wood and uses the pieces as ‘brush strokes’ to form his large-scale installations. As he secures each strip, the layers form snaking loops and coils that burst out of walls and wind through space.

He also has a painted body of work that has a similar effect as his sculptural installations, and utilises a similar technique. Oliveira layers strips and panels of painted canvas or sands back the layered images to create a similar idea of undulating mass across the panel.

I appreciate the sculptures for their form and for the method behind their creation, but I’m a sucker for wild patterns and colour, and his painted work appeals to me the most.

Also here is the aforementioned video of the artist talking about his work. It’s pretty interesting.



You can see Oliveira’s full body of work here.


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