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April 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Clothes by Lu Flux, i-Sustain Issue IX

Its often the case that when caught in the midst of an epic global disaster or issue, whether it be the continuing issue of poverty, or epidemics, or the current shitstorm that is the worlds economies, it becomes hard to see any way of solving the problem. As if we can’t possibly get far away enough to see the bigger picture. Of course it also doesn’t help that the people with most of the peer to make a difference are more interested on maintaining their grasp of said power than actually using it to achieve nothing truly good.

It’s only when we find a personal connection to the problem that our mindset changes. How many “average” Americans joined the occupy movement after they lost their homes and jobs because of the recklessness of a few?

i-D, a magazine that has always been a supporter of forward thinking and radical change has over the past 8 months been releasing a 12 part series on how sustainable practices within fashion can change the way we buy, wear, view, and create fashion. Its a fairly epic undertaking, but one that they have approached in a manner that is less a condemnation than it is a proclamation for change.

“Our aim is to offer an insight into the numerous ways to do things differently but in the end we want you to form your own set of values that will ensure a more fulfilling and long lasting relationship with what you wear. You can make an effort to buy organic or fair-trade clothing, you can recycle, swap, share, customise, go vintage, go local, go slow, buy less, wash less, mend more, make more, every small shift in behaviour is valuable and important, a practical and a symbolic contribution to living a more considerate and ultimately satisfying life.”

– i-Sustain Issue IX

In collaboration with The Centre for Sustainable Fashion, each month they publish an article looking at a new designer or maker who in one way or another has created a practice which is in one way or another sustainable. Whether it be recycling existing materials, returning to a more artisinal way of working, or sourcing eco-friendly materials, the featured designers are challenging preconceptions of what sustainable fashion is. By looking at different designers and perspectives the project hopes to spark a personal connection, and inspire the readers to challenge the way they see fashion.

Accessories by Michelle Lowe-Holder, i-Sustain Issue IV

“Moving towards a more sustainable society isn’t just about offering practicalsolutions handed down from on high; it’s also a personal challenge for us all as individuals. We need to understand and respect the interdependence between ourselves and the people, places and possessions that surround us. Fashion has an important role to play in this process because it is both a poetic and a practical medium, one that has an intrinsic role in everyday life but still has the capacity to inspire, surprise and evoke.”

– i-Sustain Issue IV

 I’d strongly recommend looking at the articled, all of which can be found HERE. The photography and the garments are no less beautiful than those normally found on the pages of any other magazine, proof that sustainable practice isn’t necessarily a limitation. As someone who would like to consider themselves as having the potential to be a designer, there is a certain inspiration to be found within these articles, a manifesto of sorts, that echoes sentiments I’ve been carrying for the past few years and has inspired me to start to see how these ideals will benefit rather than limit my own practice.

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