The Real Sartorialists

April 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Vestoj (Esperanto for ‘clothing’) is one of the newest publications to grace the world of fashionable media. And unlike some of it’s fluffier counterparts (cough*Grazia*cough) it’s not only really beautiful to look at, but lo and behold, it’s actually interesting. Published annually, Vestoj focuses solely on sartorial matters, bringing together academia and industry in a bid to combine academic theory, critical thinking and a bit of good old fashioned glamour.

Instead of looking at the collections and discussing the coolest new bag Vestoj is a forum for academic discussion, where academia, curators, and the fashion industry can actively communicate with one another. Existing outside of seasonal trends and with no regard to news-based articles instead promoting critical thinking and independent thought to cultivate an environment of absolute creative freedom.

“We write about the cultural phenomenon that is fashion in a manner that opens up for dialogue between theory and practice in order to raise awareness for fashion as a cultural phenomena and field of research and cultivate an even greater understanding for the discipline.”

Even better, to remain independent and free of “The Man”, the magazine will feature no advertising! Instead of buying a magazine only to discover the first thirty or so pages are ads, this one is all business with none of the bullshit. Or maybe all pleasure no business is more appropriate.

And because all great works need a manifesto….

  1. All articles must relate to sartorial issues. We are interested in people’s relationship to their clothes, and fashion’s relationship to identity.
  2. We must bridge academia and industry. We will place academia and industry side by side, and give equal significance to both. We will place the academic in an industry context and vice versa in order to increase the understanding and collaboration between these two fields. We will work for the greater good of our discipline.
  3. Fashion must always be taken seriously. We must never be afraid to have pretensions. We are as interested in the minutiae of clothing as we are in the grand themes of fashion. We will see the trivial in the substantial and the substantial in the trivial, and ensure that all is given equal importance.
  4. The tone must be inviting. We must never be excluding in language or approach. We will use humour to draw readers in and themes that many can relate to.
  5. Text and image shall be given equal importance. We must always integrate word and picture and guarantee that there is an ongoing dialogue between the two.
  6. Everything shall be questioned—nothing is holy. We must challenge the status quo. We must always ask why.
  7. We must always remain independent in thought and action. We must actively encourage critical thought and never be satisfied until we have examined every theme intrepidly. We will keenly promote criticism and draw attention to the paradoxes within the fashion world.
  8. Advertising is forbidden.
  9. The reader’s intellect must be as gratified as their aesthetic sense. We will encourage creativity as well as an intelligent discourse. We will take nothing for granted.
  10. We will have an interdisciplinary approach. We will take care to examine each theme from various angles and make certain that we represent other lifestyles and ethos than our own. We will work from within the fashion world, but maintain an outsider’s perspective.

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