Moving on out – moving on up

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So I’ve decided to move into a different tack and go in a new direction. I’ll let you know how it goes….



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I might be a bit late on the rapturous-gushing-holy-shit-praising of this cover for DAZED&CONFUSED featuring Grimes, but better late than never right?

For anyone who lives under a rock or in a cave (or like me is just plain music un-savvy) Grimes (a.k.a Claire Boucher) is the 23 year old musician taking a whole lot of different genres I won’t even try to name (but according to the DAZED feature include, new jack swing, k-pop, industrial and glitch) to birth a sound that is at once psychedelic, dreamy and surprisingly upbeat.

It’s damn cool, shot by Hedi Slimane (new creative director of YSL) wearing Givenchy Couture. 

Almost makes me want a septum piercing…


Walter Calling

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Some rather cool photos of the Walter Van Bierendonck archives shot for GQ by Nick Knight. Makes for a fun piece of editorial, and a nice nod to a pretty amazing designer who, apart from a few instances of truly questionable design, has been somewhat prescient and always provided an excellent dialogue on masculinity and mens fashion.

Styling by Simon Foxton

Seagulls Flying Backwards Indicate a Very Strong Wind

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Simon Foxton having a good time with some rocking clothes as ever for i-D…

Miuccia and Me

March 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Though who (in their right mind) could ever accuse Ms Prada of copying anyone else. If the next level down is accidental similarity, I’ll take that!

If anything, I’m going to roll with the thought that this proves I am/was on the right track.

Prada Autumn Winter 2012                               Jason Hewitt 2010

Jeremy Everett and the Transcendent Earth

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As he travels Jeremy Everett leaves a trail of pictures buried in the ground in his wake. Destined to be unearthed after a period of time, the result is what the artist refers to as “decay drawings.” Whole newspapers and magazines are drowned in chemical solutions, the result a pillowy mass of crystalline forms, and vast sheets of vinyl area rubbed with printers CMYK.

Everett’s recent solo exhibition at the Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York, and the work he showed at Terence Kohs “Asian Song Society,” combined all of his various processes into what could be called transcendent earth art, in which the sheets are transformed through exposure to earthly matter.

There is something melancholy about both the work itself, and the process by which it is achieved. As if the immersion of the materials achieves a sort of chrysalis-like transcendence. The title of his solo show at the Edlin Gallery, “Buried Sky” is suggestive of such a change, as if something has been irrevocably altered, forcing the viewer to attempt to redefine what they already know.

Ten by Ten

February 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

This editorial was featured in Attitude Magazine’s January issue of this year. Ten vintage denim jackets customised and re-vamped but ten designers and artists, including Cassette Playa, House of Holland, Sarah Baker, and Danny Sangra.

Apart from the Jackets themselves, which are pretty cool, I really liked the styling in this. Though I get the feeling the stylist watched Drive recently…


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